Dating Etiquette - is there such a thing ?

Hi all,

Although I have dated a lot, I am in completely new for me situation right now; therefore would like to hear your advice...

Currently, I am dating someone, for about 3 weeks. We are spending some time together, prepared our meals together, she even had a shower at my place once...We pretty physically close (a lot of touching, hugging, teasing, cuddling), but nothing intimate (yet...) I think the main reason for that cause we both not sure if we really want to be as a couple in the long term, also we used to be friends before, therefore not want to hurt each other if something will not work out...

Anyway, recently I was invited to another date (someone I saw once before)...My question is should I tell my current female-friend (I am not sure what is our status right now ) that I am going to date..should I omit this or lie ? I suppose she may have plans that we are spending Saturday night together. What do I tell her if she asks me ? Although we both agreed that at this stage we are not in committed relationship - I pretty sure she will not like (in the least sense, will be hurt - in the worse case) if I say her the truth...

What is the "right" thing to do in this situation ?

How many following dates I allowed to have "in parallel" (if at all) without being "labeled" a cheater by anyone ? I consider my self a "moral" person, but on the other hand of course do not want to miss someone potentially good.

Your advice very appreciated.


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  • Just out of curiousity, why do you want to go on a date with the other girl? Do you not like the current female-friend enough to date her only? I think that you should tell the current girl what is going on. Be honest and tell her that you are going on a date with another person and say something like "I don't know if we are exclusive or anything since we haven't talked about it and so I just wanted to let you know that I'm going on a date with this person that I know from before."

    hope that helps

    • I think we both not sure if we really want to be together...It's just we both single now, have quite a lot in common and attracted to each other...this is the reason we became close lately...we both not sure if we really want a long term relationship with each other (at this stage)

    • I know exactly what you mean. I'm going through the same situation right now (minus dating other people but the stage of the relationship wise). I think what you should do is talk about it before telling her that you are going on a date then. Establish what kind of relationship you want (whether or not to keep it exclusive or casual) and then go from there.

      I would definitely be upset if I found out out of nowhere that my guy was going on dates with other chicks.

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