What goes around comes around?

Question Posted Monday November 29 2010, 6:04 am

i started dating a guy in June, we dated for 4 months. his ex broke up with him a month before we got together. she just told him she didn't love him anymore.

now he has broken up with me and gone back to her cos she wants him back. I can't help but feel hurt, I will never take him back but I can't help but think what goes around comes around, do you believe it does?


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  • You were the rebound girl. He probably wasn't over her, and when she saw that he seemingly moved on so quickly, she wanted him back.

    Who knows, maybe they're great together and they'll end up going far. Or maybe they're both just really selfish. Either way, although it sucks that he hurt you, you should try to move on and just forget about him. There's no point in hoping anything bad on him. Dating is all about experimenting after all.

  • Absolutely! Karma is a bitch. What goes up must come down. What goes around comes around. He will get exactly what he deserves.