I am new at dating and am not sure where I stand

I ran into this guy I used to work with a few years ago and we started emailing back and forth for a few weeks catching up and discovering our likes and interests.

About a month ago he invited me out for coffee, and from there we went to a movie, and every weekend since he has taken me to a movie and dinner and inviting me out with him. one week ago he told me his best friends we asking to meet me, and we went for coffee, and this past weekend we spent the day out of town together. And every night for the past week he has been chatting with me to see how I am and how my day went and to say good night.

I think I have established that he is into me...at least a little, but should I be wondering where this is leading, I don't want to assume, but I don't want to look like an idiot for asking!


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  • It sounds like you guys are dating (going out, talking, etc). But you're not fully on the boyfriend and girlfriend exclusive type relationship just yet. I think that you should continue to go out with him and talk to him, just go with the flow for right now without any expectations. If it still continues to be like this after a couple of months then its okay to ask. Honestly its always okay to ask, don't feel like an idiot. Communication is key in a good relationship.

  • it sounds like you guys have been dating for a while. it's probably leading to an exclusive relationship

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