Blind date?

I leave for a blind date in about an hour, set up be my best friends wife. I am a bit nervous because I have never been on one before. Anybody have any blind date stories to tell me?

I don't know if anyone cares, but it wasn't a great date. It was not horrible, but I do not think I want to see her again. Stay away from blind dates is ummmmmmmmmm basically what I am trying to say. hehe


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  • My friend was dating this guy, and she set me up with his friend.

    Well that guy was a complete pig! We all went back to his house and they started drinking & smoking weed, then turned the lights down low and basically wanted to hook up. My friend hooked up with her boyfriend, and my date got mad at me because I wouldn't do anything with him. He ended up cussing me out, calling me all types of bitches, and drove me back home.

    • Yeah, it was definitely not the most fun I have ever had on a date, or even close. Maybe, I could have used a little bud and a few brews, lol.

  • if you've ever watched Rob and Big . I suggest you not get drunk . and try and be nice to this person even if they don't intrest you at first. get to know them, ask questions but keep it normal!


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