Any advice for me? Please help if you can!

This guy and I have known each other for a over a year now, since the beginning of senior year of high school. A lot of mixed signals were exchanged, on both our parts, I'm sure. So after graduation any hope of getting things to work out kinda disappeared.

I left for school, and we didn't speak at all until a month or so later when we began talking online. For a good two months now, we've spoken every day without fail. He was my emotional rock when my grandfather died, but I don't know if he realizes that.

I went home for less than a week for Thanksgiving, and we hung out twice. Once alone, and it seemed very date-like. He paid for my ticket to the movie and attempted to be very gentlemanly. I probably confused him though, out of fear. I tend to panic and keep my distance.

So what I am asking is this: Do you have any advice for how I can get over that fear? Or any ideas of things I could say or do to show him how I feel? I wouldn't want to lose our friendship; it means a lot to me. It's just that I think we'd be good together, and I don't want to risk missing the opportunity for something good.


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  • The biggest thing is to have confidence in yourself. When you spend time with him, think of things that make you happy. It is okay to panic and to be anxious when around someone that you are attracted to. Let him know that he was your emotional rock and thank him for being there for you when you needed it. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.


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  • Since you are a girl , I would advise you to enjoy the time you are able to spent with him and the good friendship you have with him. Take things step by step, don't rush. Let the r/s flourish till he is able to admit that he likes you. And try not to get your hopes too high becos he might treat you nice becos he is a nice men not really becos he's in love with you.

    I think you felt panic becos you may not be used to a guy treating you this nice/way which seems romantic. Of cos you will be shy and start to panic. Just be cool... it's like as if a guy comes out of nowhere and kiss you , you will be shocked. Going out with a male friend who may ''accidentally'' show signs of interest to you will cause you to feel that way one. Just tell yourself not to think too much. We girls sometimes think too much. Enjoy the nice r/s you have there and let time show you okay? >.<