We kissed - did that mean anything to him?

There's this guy from my school. I'm having a few classes with him but we are in pretty different groups of people so we didn't talk too much with each other before. But I had the idea he was interested in me the way he looked at me before. I wasn't that interested in him but I thought he was pretty hot ;)

So a few weeks ago lots of people from our school went to a disco one night and suddenly he was dancing at me. It was really fun and then he took my head and we kissed :) I wasn't too drunk and I don't know for sure about him.. So he paid me a drink and we kept on dancing and made out several times again and later outside, we also talked..

The next day he kind of ignored me, I mean we were with our own groups of people again but there were several moments when he would have had the opportunity to talk to me but he didn't. But the next night, on the bus ride home, he and some friends drank a little and one moment, when my friend sitting next to me left for a sec, he sat next to me and talked to me but left pretty fast again.

Now we are having classes together again and the situation is pretty annoying. I mean, I'm not in love with him but of course there are some feelings, I'm actually not sure at the moment, but some way I'm a little embarrased when he is around. I really enjoyed making out with him and I would do it again, if I just knew his feelings for me..

So the same night we made out a friend of his told me he (I mean the guy I kissed) did really like me. But on the other hand I always thought before he was some sort of a player. So maybe his friend just said that to help him to ''get'' me. (But: I know his friend a little and he doesn't seem to be that kind of a lying ahole.) Actually, I heard some people calling him ''the player'' since then, but maybe they did that before..

One point (I guess) in favor for him is that he didn't touch me any way inappropriately. I'm used to most guys touching me some more when I'm dancing with them, but HE didn't, neither danced to me very close, most of the time.

In school now I am the very most of the time ignoring him. I don't want him to think I'm into him in case I really was just some kind of ''capture'' . But sometimes I look at him and he looks at me and he smiles at me really nice and he's also saying 'hi' a lot.

So I'm really confused at the moment. I'm not that into him, I just have to think about him all the time, which might sound for some people as if I am into him, but I think I could stop these feelings if I found out that our making out didn't mean anything to him..

So what do you think? Was this kiss just fun for him or might he actually have some kind of feelings for me? Was it a good or a rather bad sign that he only talks to me in a (a little) drunken state? And is there any hope anything might develop out of what has happened?


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  • wait for him to make the next step. if he isn't he was just playing you that night


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  • You kissed! That have to mean something.

    • like that he's a player

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