Experiences with Match.com?

Just wanted to know if anyone here has done Match.com and if has been more negatives then positives or vice versa. I been on there and seems that the women I meet are not serious about anything just seems like they like free meal tickets and dates and never say thank you or show respect for sometime taking the time to make them smile and happy. My experiences have only been in the Denver CO area but that's my case I'm about to throw in the towel on this site.


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  • I wouldn't say that women are looking for meal tickets. I've been on there a few months myself, met several people once but nothing major. I always say thank you and am appreciative. I even offer to pay my share, even though I know the guy will and I don't want to make him feel like less of a man, but I don't want to seem like a gold digger. I personally don't like the way their algorithm works, they move your picture to the back the longer you are on there. It sounds like you've just had bad luck and haven't picked nice girls. Read up on dating profile decoding, or cracking the dating profile.

    • I will check that out. Just seems like a few bad apples tend to ruin the outlook. So many things I have read say you can't be a nice guy or you won't survive.

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  • My friend found his wife on that site, of course as they say, results not typical.

    • Yeah I got some friends that met their wives off match or yahoo chat from back in the day. It's a rough situation out there trying to find somebody you connect with especially online.