Should I contact him to hang out...?

I went on a handful of awesome dates with a guy. In between dates we were exchanging emails and texts. He was fairly vocal about having a connection with me. After our last date, he's been pretty MIA - a total 180 in personality from hanging out, to going home. We've barley talked over the past weeks. He did text me apologizing for how he's been acting/being busy, but nothing has changed since then on his end. Do you think I should ask him to hang out? If he says no, is there a way to ask him if he's still interested without sounding like a crazy?


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  • Yes, contact him. What do you have to lose?

    Try flirting with him. See if he responds.

    • Thanks ZenSpace! Any advice on whether or not or how to ask if he's still interested?

    • Well first just flirt. Use meaningful eye contact, smile knowingly. Find excuses to rub your body against his, and to touch him. If he flirts back, flirt more.

      Thats usually all it takes.

      If he does not respond. Go direct. My first girlfriend walked up to me in school and said "Hi, you know I like you right?" true story.

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