Why do non virgins think they're better than virgins?

I'm a girl and I've had boys think they're above me because I'm a virgin.

I started to get annoyed and refused to date any guy who wasn't a virgin.

These boys and girls would say horrible things like virgins think we're snow flakes and virgin women are horrible at sex. A few men said they'd use a virgin for sex and dump her.

I know few promoiscious women in my family who get treated like queens sometimes for being promiscuous.

I got sick of sluts calling me jealous or pressed, so when I said I would only date virgin males like me they get in their feelings.

The guy tried to tell me I'd only need a round one during sex with him and I got turned off. If anything he sounds like he'd be horrible to have sex with.

From now on I'm only dating virgin makes who believe in Jesus, don't drink, don't do drugs, don't party and would make good partners.

I'm sick of nasty men trying to dog good girls out. I started beating then at their own games. I ignored and ghosted his ass because he was a straight up jerk to me for being too much of a good girl.
Why do non virgins think they're better than virgins?
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