Does she just see me as a friend?

So I have been talking to this girl on the phone and by text for three weeks now. We met on myspace. The first week, she pretty much called me up everyday or sent me a text. We decided to meet up and watch a movie. The date went well and at the end of if she gave me a kiss on the cheek. But, after the first date we haven't talked as much. I have started to call her but we don't talk for as long as we use to and when I text her, she sometimes doesn't get back to me at all. But, we did agree to go out again to get something to eat. So when I dropped her off from our second date, she gave me a kiss on the cheek again and texted me 30 min later "thanks for an amazing time." I replied thanks for being an amazing person...which she responded with kind of a humorous remark...and then she didn't respond to my second text back to her. So my question is, do you think she just sees me as a friend? Would it be inappropriate to just ask her where she sees our friendship going? Or how would be the best way to find out what she thinks of me?


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  • She may just want to take her time and not rush things. Just because she isn't moving fast doesn't mean that she isn't interested in you. From my experience with sh*tty men, I now take things a lot slower than I used to. Either ask her what's up or have patience to wait and see if anything else happens.

  • first thing I have to say is, people still use Myspace?

    secondly, I don't think she see you as just a friend. I think she likes you, but is reluctant to show it. maybe she has her guard up, and doesn't want to give it away since its only been the second date.

    my advice would be to go out with her again, and this time, initiate the kiss and go for the lips! :)


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