He kissed me but got a girlfriend the next day?

OK, me and this guy have been talking for a while. he's everything I could dream of in a perfect guy. really cute, really sweet. he caught my boyfriend cheating on me and that's how we met. well, we've been spending the night together for a couple weeks(nothing sexual, we just watch movies and I crash at his place) well, while we were talking, he told me about this girl who is VERY obsessive, texts him all the time,wont leave him alone, things like that. well the night of my birthday he took me out to this really nice restaurant then cuddled with me(the most we've done so far) I told him I liked him that weekend and he told me he didn't know how he felt yet. when I got back in town tho he was really excited to see me and when I saw him he was all over me, hugging me, he got me a CD and a necklace, and invited me to a huge concert(really expensive tickets). that night we were wrestling(something we've always done, its cute and fun) but this time he kissed me. the rest of the night he would kiss my nose, or my shoulder or my cheek and forehead. every once in a while a soft sweet kiss on the lips. but he didn't once try to go any further. I was so happy that we were getting further along. the next day my best friend told me she had something to show me. when I went to her room, she showed me a girls facebook page. and the profile picture was her and my guy, and said they were in a relationship. I was so hurt. she texted the girl and was told they have been together for a couple weeks now. I cried so hard, then got the nerve to tell him I was sorry for pulling him away from his girlfriend in any way that I'm a really nice girl and don't want to hurt anyone. he said they are NOT together, that she keeps sending him requests and saying that they are together and won't listen when he tells her to stop. he wanted to see me that night. and I tried to act like things were normal. what was so odd is he kissed me goodnight, then kissed my cheek when I woke up beside him the next morning(still no sex...which I respect A LOT). the girl never texted him that night, but her facebook still says they are together. I don't know who to believe. is she psycho and this guy really cares about me, or is he lying. we've been out in public before and I'm always around him, I don't see how he can have a girlfriend and me not have met her yet...but still...I'm so hurt and confused will someone help?


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  • sounds like a love triangle, and he hasn't closed things entirely with the other girl and is trying to do something with you in the meantime


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