He has a friend and when we all get together to hang out she eventually is hanging all over him taking pictures?

My boyfriend has a friend who is female and when we all get together to hang out she eventually is hanging on him taking pictures. It really gets annoying this friend is a good friend of his and even tho she has a boyfriend when she gets drinking she starts holding onto my boyfriend pulling him aside to take pictures. I know my guy loves me and he dose not see the harm in it but to me it is the same thing every time what do I do. I won't say not to hang out with them cause really she is not that bad of a chick but she gets annoying and I am not sure how to handle it. The other night I really wanted to say something but I'm not one to start problems so I just told my guy I was ready to leave and he was cool with that. Any Advice...


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  • Have you talked to your boyfriend about it? Don't make a scene, assure him that you trust him, but the way his friend acts makes you feel uncomfortable. If he doesn't understand ask how he'd feel if you had a male friend that acted the same way. Hopefully he'll understand and either not go along with his friend when she acts like that, or just outright tell her to stop it because her behavior is upsetting people.

    Hopefully that way you can all stay friends!


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  • IMO you can't be friends with someone from the opposite sex (unless gay). At least one person is attracted to the other. He may not be interested, but she appears to be at some level.

    I would tell him you are not comfortable with this behavior and he needs to talk with her about it. Tell him if he doesn't you will mention something to her in a kind way. His reaction will let you know how he feels about her.


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  • They must have some history together, best friends and all. I'm sure he doesn't want to hurt her feelings, as I'm sure you feel the same way, even though some jealousy kicks in. At least, I would feel like that. Depending on how close you and his friend are, there's no hurt in letting her know your feelings. What if she doesn't know it makes you feel uncomfortable to watch her hang all over your guy? Drama isn't fun, but why keep it inside? Dreading going over to a friends house sucks!

    • We are not that good of friends really, and she even asked him over the summer to go on a trip with her I really do think she has feelings for him. I had to say something to her then and well she didn't like it to well. At least when I was not around she made a big deal about it but to my face she was all I understand.. So yeah I think I just have to learn to deal with it and if it continues to happen then I will bring it up again to her. Just thought to get a different insigt to this..

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