I'm 25 ,ugly and virgin, advice?

OK so the thing about me is that I just turned 25 Latino and I've never had a girlfriend ..Ever,why? Well mainly because of my physical appearance ,I have a small facial deformity which is not very noticeable at first ,also my body is kind of bigger than my head ,and I have a funny walking style ,No JOKE everything I'm saying is true ,when I'm on the street people makes fun of me or just stares ,my life has become really depressing and sad in the last few years,I don't go out for the same reasons of my looks,that doesn't mean I haven't tried to go out and meet women ,but I've been rejected more times than anyone ...Sometimes I think there's someone for me out there who's shallow and will not judge me like the rest ,I consider myself a funny guy ,smart and have life ambitions ,but every day that I wake up by myself...The hope to keep on going slowly fades away ,some days I feel like giving up completely...But something keeps telling me that I have to keep going ,because there will be something better tomorrow ,so that's what brings me here ,I need some female advice ,what can I do in this situation? How can I meet anyone that is good for me? ...I'd appreciate all the help thank you all


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  • First of all, those that make fun of you are shallow, and I hope you don't let that get you down too much. They are strangers who don't know the real you. I think learning to love yourself is greatest thing you can do right now. I'm not talking conceitedness, but a true appreciation for who you are on the inside. Obviously, you feel like you're missing something you've never really had, and you're not alone. I'm glad you still find hope to keep on going because there is always hope. Always. Consider this - maybe you're searching in the wrong places for that 'special someone'. I suggest getting out of your comfort zone a little. Attend a local church, help out with a charity, donate food/clothes to a good cause... This can open doors for opportunities to meet new people - some with big hearts who won't judge you. Even if you don't find a significant other you can develop relationships with people who encourage you and give you a greater sense of hope. Also, giving back will boost your confidence in yourself.

    Hope that helped. Good luck!


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  • I would suggest you try online dating instead of meeting women around town or at bars. The plus to online dating is the emphasis is less on looks and more on a person's character and beliefs.