Thinking of going back on the market...

Okay, being out of the game for over 7 years have put me in a bind...

I was just wondering, where is it I can meet interesting women?

Here are the ground rules:

1) I don't drink, so I don't do bars...

2) at my religious institution, men and women are separate and to even think of dating a congregation member, I would be moreso dating her parents for a while and then her after their approval... No patience for that... And even if I did, I am viewed as an outsider due to the fAct that I am a convert.. lol

3) I don't believe in office romance... Sexual herrassment and other bullsh*t implied there...

4) I prefer mellow surroundings... No loud obnoxious music and whatnot...

5) I tried dating sites only to contact Nigerian and senagalese scammers using pictures of models and lying just so that I can cash some fake checks or money orders for them and be in financial ruin... Needless to say, I will not use, or even consider dating sites.

I attempted to chat up a few women when I was a "Starbucks rat", but my results were not good... More often than not, The women I found interesting enough were involved, and the single women I saw, I wanted nothing to do with them. I am a busy person... I will be even more busy perhaps next year when I return to college... And even then I do not desire to be bothered with someone attending the same school. I almost think it is not worth the effort of trying, but hey, I am human afterall... LOL

Any advice?

I don't need help on approaching women. I am not a social isolate. I am having issues finding places I don't run into a bunch of engaged and married women! I ain't looking for jailbait either! In my area, only 12-16 year olds hang out at parks.


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  • Addressing your ground rules:

    1) You don't need bars. There are bars, and then there's the rest of the world...

    2) Attend special events at the institution. Perhaps they have special programs and activities just for singles? Also seriously look into volunteering events. Even though you're a recent convert, there's no reason why you can't start making friends there and even suggest starting up a volunteering program or something similar on your own (of course, with respect to the spiritual leadership).

    3) So, leave office romance alone. There's bars, the office, and the rest of the world...

    4) You're in luck, as much of the rest of the world consists of mellow places. Take walks in the park, hang out in bookstores and libraries. Check out poetry readings, art galleries, and small coffeehouse concerts. Take a community college class. Join a volunteering organization. Check out for your area. The possibilities are endless.

    5) Refer back to #4.

    As far as approaching is concerned, keep doing it, keep practicing. There are many aspects to the "right" approach, such as strong body language and posture, a laid-back, fun demeanor, a willingness to confidently flirt or be direct with women, etc., but overall, the more you approach, the more you'll get accustomed to doing so, and the sooner you'll get a girlfriend you're compatible with.

    Best of luck!

    • Approach is not my problem... I am strategic in my approach.. I could explain, but it is for another time... Posture? I am a former drill instructor! My avatar is not just for show... lol My issue is finding places to where I can blatantly find someone looking for similar interest.

      As far as your comment about 2? I am too old for that program at my synagogue... It caters to ages 16-26... I am 32 and most people at my synagogue at my age are already married... And likewise I will

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    • Parks are fine if I were looking for JAILBAIT! I am not into jailbait.

      When I go to a bookstore, I am there fo as long as it takes to purchase my book on engineering or physics, or my popular mechanics... I am not loitering at a bookstore!

      I'm sorry but this does not help.

    • Sorry my answer doesn't help; I did my best to offer useful suggestions.

      The only other thing I can say is that continual exposure to new social situations is a great way to meet people, and that often requires a willingness to try new and different things. Think about the things that interest you or that you're curious about, and go from there.