Is this awkward? How would you react ?

My ex and I haven't talked in about 3 months. However we attend the same college and therefore see each other every week.

To make a long story short, we briefly dated, he wanted something serious but unfortunatly we didn't live in the same cities. Things ended pretty well, he's a barman and he always buys me drinks. He stares at me all the time and my friend caught him telling his flatmate that he still liked me.

He has a new girlfriend though.

Anyways, I'm leaving in two weeks and I want to text him because I want to see him one last time (alone)before I leave. The thing is we haven't been alone together since we broke up and we haven't reallt talked much ever since.

Is this a totally awkward idea?

If so, How can I make it not so awkward looking? I can't do it in person because his friends are always there.

I really hae to see him again.


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  • The two of you are friends and that is the most it will ever be now that he is committed to someone else. Why must you see him again? Are you confirming that it's just friends or are you looking for something else? You had your chance the first time, it's over now. He stares at you because he is thinking how things might have been and it's not easy to just let it go, he should get over it quickly if he's dating someone else now. Why isn't he talking? The best answer would be that he has this new woman and doesn't want any drama with anyone else. If there is some ulterior motive: WATCHOUT!

    What do you see in this man? Just friends? If so, then it should not be awkward, particularly if you didn't have sex with him. If he still likes you, that's OK as long as it doesn't progress into some sort of lusting or jealousy. If you have some sort of fling for him that you didn't have the first time around, too late now...find someone else.

    Text, call, or go see him. What do you want to say? Choose your words carefully.

    Hope this helps

    • Thank you for your answer! The thing about his relationship with new girl, is that it happened two weeks after I had left the second time. And I didn't leave on purpose, I had too and he knew that. When I saw him the last time, he told me I was the only person we could have wanted a relationship with and now he's getting all serious about some other girl?

      (I also don't understand why he's dating that girl, knowing that he is a very proud young man and that a lot of people make fun of him

    • because she is quite unnattractive)

      And why stare at me like that? ALL the time. He tried talking to me, or a least getting me to talk be he soon gave up. And know it's been almost 3 months since we haven't spoken.

      I hate this situation! It should be me instead of her!

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  • Life is a collection of totally awkward ideas, but the best ideas are worth some discomfort. Text him.

    • Your answer is amazing.

      IS there anyway I can make it less awkward? Facebook inbox or text?

      If so,

      I just explain to him the fact that I am leaving soon, that I know we haven't seen each other (alone) in a while and that I'd really like to see him one last time before I leave?

    • I'm old-school; one handles important matters face-to-face.

      Besides, there's nothing wrong with awkwardness. It just mean something matters to you, so you want to get it right. If you didn't give a damn, you wouldn't be awkward at all.

      Just talk to him, say what you mean, and let whatever happens, happen.

  • If he's got a girlfriend. I'd let it go. You don't want any drama, even if you are leaving. Most guys only see girls "one last time", cause it's a scenario for sexual activities.


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