Online Dating...Does it take some time to decide if you're interested or not?

I talked to a guy online for about two weeks via email before meeting in person. We met briefly in person the first time, and have since gone out on two dates.

So far we have held hands several times, and we kissed once. It was a very awkward kiss, and I didn't particularly enjoy it, but I think that was mostly my fault, since it was my first kiss ever and I was very nervous!

We are going out again this weekend to a movie. I was wondering...have other people who have done online dating also taken a little while to decide if they are romantically interested in someone? or do you usually know right away?


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  • I met someone online too. We dated for about two months. I had only kissed one guy prior to this one so it was a little awkward and I didn't really feel any "spark." But we kept dating and then things just fizzled out. I would say if you don't get excited to see him or think about him a lot you're probably not very attracted to him or interested in him. Just see how it goes. Don't completely rule him out. Sometimes, attraction can be built slowly, over time.