Two guy best friends interested in me?

So there is guy #1 and he and I hung out a few days ago to study. Throughout the whole time, he would not talk about the homework but kept on asking questions about me and we joked around and he playfully touched me at times. I thought we had a really good time and we were flirting all night.

The night after that, his friend, guy #2 asked me to hang out and come to a party. I went and hung out with guy #1 and 2 there because we were the only ones not drinking. We all talked and was joking around with each other. I then left. I tried texting guy #1 the Sunday afterward but he didn't text me back. But the Monday after, he was joking around with me in our class we have together.

Since then, I have hung out with guy #2 because he has actually been showing interest in me and has asked me to hang out but I'm more interested in guy #1...

Do you think guy #1 lost interest or did he back off because his best friend likes me? I mean do guys call dibs on girls? And how do I tell guy #1 that I like him more since he didn't even text me back that other night? I don't want to seem desperate or needy.


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  • So between guys, if a girl comes between them, then typically, there's a kind of "bros before hoes" rule that, unfortunately, proves breakable sometimes. Normally, guys will do there best to stop girls coming between them, meaning that yes, sometimes they call dibs in a sense.I can't give you any universal rules, just things to think about. Sometimes they choose the guy who's allowed to go for her. Sometimes the choice is by chance (like a coin flip), sometimes it's who can get her first, sometimes it's who they think will have the best chance, sometimes it's who they thought she liked the most, and sometimes they just like to have a test drive and the one who enjoyed it the most gets the car. The car symbolizes women.

    The point is, when buying a car, always give it a full safety check, and make sure your bro didn't have his heart set on that same car. Is that car going to come between you, like a sh*tty metaphor some guy on the internet realized he took too far as he finished this sentence?

    First, you should never attach significance to "he didn't text back" or "he didn't IM". Not everyone likes texting or IMing. I know I f***ing hate texting. It is pretty much my second least favorite thing, just behind "Having a burning drill shoved up my ass".

    I'll tell you that he's either backed off because his friend likes you, or because he thinks you like his friend. The other alternative, which I don't think is too likely, is that he has lost interest.

    You obviously know these guys better than I do. I'm just some random guy on the internet on the other side of the world. You actually have seen them together. You can make a more informed decision. How big besties were they? Because if it seemed like you could come between them, like they could end up fighting over you if things went wrong, then please - try not to provoke the fighting. Go with the way that results in the least fighting.

    If, on the other hand, they can resolve their differences like mature, responsible people, then go straight for guy #1. He could be shy about it even, or feel like he should give up on you. This seems like a situation where you might have to make the first move.

    • Wow this was so detailed! Thanks a lot, a guy's opinion is what really matters in this type of situation. But I was thinking, if he was interested in me, wouldn't he have texted me back if he liked me even if he hated texting? I mean would you just ignore the girl you liked texts because you hate texting? So if I don't like guy #2, should I stop talking to him to show guy #1 I don't like guy #2? And no worries about the car metaphor ;) Haha I thought it was pretty clever.

    • No, just talk to guy #1 much more. Make sure your actions don't contradict your words.

      And texting is my second least favorite thing to do, the first was the drill thing, and my third least favorite thing to do is drown. So yeah, I probably wouldn't text the girl back.

      I never even check my phone, and even then I never have it on. I don't even know why I own one.

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