Boyfriend invited me to hang out with a girl I don't like?

My boyfriend made plans to meet his friend, who's a tutor, this weekend for help on his final. It will be on campus and I'm actually relieved he's getting help. They're also going to play some cards afterward because they've been wanting to play each other for a while.

I really really really don't like this girl, at all. I trust him and I know he won't cheat or anything like that... so I'm not worried about them getting together for a little while it's just irritating.

I think he expected me to be more upset about it than I am because they're doing this when we normally hang out and I'm pretty sure he knows I dislike her.

Anyway, he invited me to go. There really isn't a point in me being there other than to "monitor" and like I said, I know he's not trying to get with her.

But should I go? I'm afraid if I do I'll come off as not trusting him. But if I don't I'm also afraid he'll take it as "Oh, she's really OK with this." and will start making plans just him and her on a regular basis.

(I should point out I trust him, but definitely don't trust her intentions.)


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  • The one thing that baffles me about the posts of the young people on this site is their constant circumvention of direct confrontation. If I want to know something, I directly ask the person who can tell me. An open communication style will always save you a lot of stress, anxiety, and nasty surprises. Instead of divining what you should do from folks on the Internet, tell this guy exactly how you feel. If he discounts your feelings, kick him to the curb. If he refuses to discuss it with you, kick him to the curb. If he "had know idea you felt this way", now he will. Either way, the best strategy is to get this crap off of your chest as soon as possible and free yourself up emotionally, psychologically, and otherwise to focus on other interests if this one proves to be unfruitful for you. Get to it!


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  • I like what nothanks2010 said about being direct. I'm shy, and I'm not direct, but when I get in a relationship and comfortable with a girl, I love being direct, as I hate the "drama" effect of like worrying and etc. And I would love it for my partner to just tell me sh*t, even if I don't like it. Cause then I'd freakin know and not have to figure it out.. So in many ways I agree with nothanks2010


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  • maybe you can invite along a friend to study with you so that it turns into a study session with 4 people instead of you hanging around watching them study

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