I'm getting mixed messages. What do you guys think?

i just started dating this girl again, (we dated last year) and things have been real up and down with her .. like we kiss after every class, she texts me that she loves and misses me, and when we chill we have a real good time. but then on the flip side, she rarely ever texts me first, flirts with other guys on facebook and in person saying she misses them and sh*t, and then I caught her talking to her ex today after school which kinda got me wondering if she still had feelings for him .. (I walked up and kissed her right in front of him to try to get a point across to him) but anyway, and she almost never asks me if I wanna chill, like I always have to do it. so like I don't know what to think, I'm getting mixed messages and I need some advice.

Tell me what you guys think ...


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  • I think she does have some intrest for you..


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