He didn't reply to my text about his prom! what should I do?

A guy friend of mine asked me to his prom about a month ago and I said yes. We're not THAT great friends, we only know each other because I was seeing him for about 4 months this year, but not anymore.

So being a girl I need to book hair, make up etc. so I text about the date of the prom (cause it's an all boys school so they're soo laidback about it) I called up his school and they said it was the 7th october, so I text him asking did he hear it was this date too since I need to book stuff.

i text him yesterday, and he didn't reply!

i've already booked the stuff without him confirming :P but what should I do? does he think he can back out of taking me now? because I told him if he was seeing someone else he can't tell me sorry you're not going because I've started getting my dress made.

he text me back this morning and said he forget to reply because he was driving. anyway he not trying to get rid of me it's all still sorted haha thank god :) thanks everyone


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  • Definitely call him and get the answer from his mouth. No sense in making any further preparations if he doesn't want to take you anymore.


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  • heya I've seen fellas actually back out loads of times after the girls have the debs dress made and all which is shit! just ring him up and ask ! oh and on private number cause you know what fellas are like try avoid anything

    • Using private numbers are inevitable.. LOL! Yeah! very effective! 2 thumbs up!