Never been kissed. Have to kiss on stage. Help.

I am in my 20s and I've never kissed a guy. I'm in a show and I have to make out with someone but I am the one in charge and I initiate the kiss. How do I do it? I'm really just nervous because it is going to be my first. Please give me tips for kissing and tips for kissing in a show.


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  • i agree with the fella that answered already. ill give ya sum tips tho.

    1.dont open your mouth too wide

    2.barely put your tongue in his mouth..u can put it in more if you want but don't go in too far...thats nasty lol

    3.make sure your lips are NOT tense, remember to RELAX

    4.making out isn't a "put your tongue in and move it around" its mainly just a bunch of normal kisses...its so hard to explain!

    im not really sure how to word this. id suggest researching lol watch a couple makeout scenes from a movie, that helped me when I was nervous about my first kiss.


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  • Honestly you should talk to the guy you kiss on stage and let him know, and set up some time to practice, strictly for professional reasons, I mean, you rehearse lines, and stage directions, dancers rehearse their steps, musicians rehearse their music, it would be silly to go into this without any practice.

    He probably wants to rehearse it to, for entirely professional reasons of course.


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  • That totally happened to the girl who played Belle in Beauty and the Beast at my high school senior year. She had never been kissed before and was so nervous. As it turned out, she didn't have to actually kiss him, they faked the kiss on stage. I think you should do that so you don't waste your first kiss on a guy you don't really care about romantically. It should be special and you'll probably remember it for a long time.

    But if you are going to kiss him-Wear chapstick, have your teeth brushed and flossed, keep your lips slightly agape and not tight and just press your lips to his.