Guys & Girls: Should I call him?

**Don't get scared, it seems a lot, I really need help!***

Okay, So I met this guy online on September 1st, and the chemistry was instant.He would call me every night after work, sometimes like 2 or 3 times a day and we'd talk about absolutely EVERYTHING. From sex, to the weather, to our families. We would also meet at least 3 times a week regardless because he lived around 20 minutes from my house. Sometimes he'd just show up and tell me he really missed me and just had to come...This went on till about October 20th, when his calling frequency dramatically decreased. I was like, OK whatever and I broke up with him (I wasn't sure I had the right to break up with him, we weren't officially bf/gf) Anyway, his birthday was two days after that, he was turning 21... I didn't hear from him for a full three weeks till November 20th when I get a random phone call... He started explaining why he hadn't called (said, he'd been getting drunk, going out every day, and hadn't been to work all those three weeks) he also told me how he hadn't tried to get with any girl, how he hadn't even talked to a girl the way he talked to me... Started telling me about how amazing I was, and he had never talked to anyone for so long about everything and anything. anyway, so over the next three, or four days we had regular contact, if not through phone, through facebook, and texts..

My problem, however is, that since November 26th, he hasn't called or gotten on facebook, or had any contact with me AT ALL.

I'm wondering does it seem through his actions if he wants to start up again or not? Should I just call him and ask what the deal is?


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  • If you really like him call him and if you see things can return back to the old good times stick with it if things turn south.. just move on..


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