Likes me and ignore me!?

this guy he's been giving me signs :

1)he compliment me on my cute feet

2)he touches my back whenever I do something that's cute

3)he kissed me cheek when his friend is not around

4)he pay for my meal

5)he always asks me to join him and his friend for coffee/tea

6)he offer to pay for my short-change

7)he notice that my food always comes last

8)he notice my facebook shout outs and blurrt it out whenever I'm around.

9)he shows me his fave video on youtube

10)he introduced me his fave band.

11)he stared me all the time

12)he winks at me

13)we've locked eyes when we first met and it felt like forever and I can get lost in his eyes.

14)when I have nothing to do, he offer himself to entertain me and made me laugh.

15)i always catch him looking at me.

16) his body his torso always faced me when he's talking to someone and his feet always pointed towards me.

my question is obviously he likes me right?

when I text him, he didn't reply and when I msg him on IM, he ignore me and didn't reply.

what can I do to show him that I like him a lot and wants to get to know him as HIM. the problem is he's somewhat a celebrity in my country and a model. every girl thinks he's hot.

help me! what can I do to make him knows that I do notice him and interested.


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  • The girls got it right here. I know guy friends of mine that have even turned there text messages off at their cell phone companies. Simply because women abused it. They texted them at the worst times, annoyed them, sent them really nasty messages of them with other guys even. You name it, I've heard it all. So I know a lot of guys are turning their text messages off, I'm tempted to turn mine off as well. As I've had the same issues in the past.

    So ya, the girls here are right. He probably just doesn't care to form a relationship online. I suggest you just be upfront with your feelings, and let them come from the heart. If he denies your request, oh well. Maybe he's got a g/f, and you'll just have to respect that, and I'm sure you would because you've already stated that you know a lot of girls like him. Implying to me you might think he is already taken so make sure he's not. That'll let him know your interested as well, simply by asking him if he has a g/f? Then he knows, "Hmm why would she ask me that less she was interested?" Guys aren't stupid honestly. They know. Just like you know when we like you, sometimes you just don't care if we like you, that goes both ways. Just try asking him if he has a girlfriend first. If he says no, then tell him how much you care for him, and ask him if he'd be interested in dating you.

    There ya go.


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  • Well, perhaps he's not the type that likes to access a relationship through technology. Try doing it in person. If this isn't the case, it is possible he plays fullscreen MMO's and they (the games) kind of tend to ignore the fact that there's an impending message to the player. There's only one messenger that goes through the fullscreen blocks that I know of. Ask if he plays full screen MMO's. then ask if he has Hamachi and if you can get on his server.

  • just tell him in person you like him!

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