Ladies, which kind of men is your prince charming that you wish to marry & why?

if your opinion is not between my options then I would be happy to read it & take it to consideration...

  • A man who will love you, take care of you, protect you & supports you financially...(a happy admired & appreciated house wife)
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  • A man who wants to be a your partner 50/50 in everything...(which means he doesn't pay a cent more than you)
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  • A man who sits at home & is a house dad, & you will be the breadwinner & taking the man's role...
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I'm really happy to see that the A option is dominating, but to tell you the truth for all the girls who chose A, I wish you the best luck for finding a man who will be able to give you all these traits...cause it's very hard & the one's who finds it
are very rare, I'm one of the guys who is fulfilling the A option for my wife and we are extremely happy & 5 years had passed since we got married...everyday is a new day for us...anyways who chose B option, it's their opinion...there is nothing wrong
it, and some people's finances would make both works cause 1 won't be able to support his family financially, now for the people who chose C...well NO COMMENT!


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  • im actually totally for option A. it fits me best and I've always known that's the type of girl I am. the guy I fell for is definitely a more dominant and protective type. it makes him feel good to be the breadwinner and take care of my needs. and I love the housewife role. sadly modern society can portray the option A set up us degrading and unfair on women, but ya know, there are some of us who enjoy it that way and its not degrading at all. we both fulfil equally important roles. :)

    • That's the best answer...your really a great lady and I wish you the know I doubt that any man will have so much difficulty not falling in love with an innocent simple girl:)

    • aww thank you.. I've already got my prince charming :) engaged at the moment :) different things work for different couples but this is what I've always known works for me

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  • I chose B, because it reflects my current relationship the best (and my partner and I are engaged to be married), but it's not exactly right. I believe in equality in a relationship, but to expect that to work out to neither person paying a cent more than the other is unrealistic. When we started dating, we went dutch, and eventually started taking turns paying when we went out for dinner, which we considered more or less equal.

    We eventually moved in together and we've went through periods of time when he was a student and I was working to support us financially, and when I was a student and he was working to support us financially.

    We're in a position now where we both have our own incomes, and although we have separate bank accounts, we consider any money that we have as "our" money. We split our rent 50/50, and we each have other bills that we're responsible to pay (i.e. he pays the phone bill, I pay for internet). We're free to spend the money in our own bank account as we wish (i.e. I don't have to consult him if I want to buy a new sweater or a gift for a friend), but we're both responsible enough to not spend too much money and then to not have enough money to pay our halves of the bills. We make decisions concerning large purchases together, based on whether it would fit into our budget. If an unexpected expense comes up, or if one of us has paid for a large purchase and doesn't have the money in our account to pay our half of the bills, the other person will pick up the slack (sometimes me, sometimes him).

    I guess my point is, I believe in equality and sharing in expenses (as well as other things, such as cooking, housework, etc.), but we're not so petty that we worry about whether or not someone might pay a little more for things one month than the other person, because we've built a life TOGETHER. We work together to make sure that we both have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and the other things that we need or want. It's about supporting each other and sharing in "roles".

    • While I was reading, it made me feel like in doing a company's financing gave the impression of money and materials more then love and romance & manhood & feminine, for me your option is a failure...for me I always support my A gives me the feeling of a family and not a company with brokers and partners & stocks...anyways it's good to hear other opinions, besides for you maybe your life is quiet good cause in the end it's the freedom of choice..happy by choosing what we want

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    • That's your opinion but I'm very happy the way I'm living and also my can't make your opinion the right one and mine the false, if you see my life, then you will forget yours cause your totally wrong about many issues...i already told you that your maybe living a happy life but that dosen't means that others who don't follow your ideas had failed...

    • Uh, what? You just told me to not think that just because someone follows different ideas than mine, that their ideas failed (when I didn't say that at all in my post), and in the same paragraph you told me that my ideas are wrong because they're different from yours.

  • I picked B, but I have to admit I don't like how it's phrased as if each person is separate from the other just slightly. Yeah, I want my guy to be a partner with me 50/50 in ALL things, but I think marriage means you should work as a team and think of things in terms of 'we,' not 'I' and 'you.'

    • Not everything will be like you love them to be...

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    • Did I say I look down on girls who would prefer to be a housewife? No. I don't. That's their choice and I respect it. All I'm saying is that my personal choice is to be in a relationship that's close to 50/50.

    • good luck then!

  • I wouldn't dwell o paying a "bit" less or more then he did, but I would like both of us to contribute to our "union" as much as we can. If possible equally. But note that I wouldn't care if he earned more or less then I do, because I would choose to do my job and share the chores with him anyway. I know that house work and parenthood shouldn't be undervalued in any case, but sharing it and being able to do my job would make me feel more confident, sociable and valuable to society AND my family.

    Besides I don't wish to depend financially on my husband. I believe that loving someone means caring for them and the will to protect them comes from both sides, even though in financial aspect this is usually expected of a man which I believe can be a pressure, and the feeling of underestimation on a womans side.

    Both genders have their own way of displaying will to protect and take care of their significant other (emotional or physical protection), but money does NOT fall under either one of these categories. Because both women and men are able to acquire it equally.

    So if a woman makes more money he shouldn't feel emasculated because this is normal, and he isn't expected to make more. A silly stereotype like this comes from the time when men were providers because of their physical abilities (hunting) or opportunities for them (only males in schools). Today is not so, therefore the stereotype is pointless and is the reason why I support equality.

    • good luck! with your imaginary equality!

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    • Well you have your own opinion and I have mine...i'm happy like that and you can be what you want to be...and about women TOOK freedom then keep it, cause I really don't care what you become in life as long as women's don't bother me or have power over me, cause a women especially a bad one like radical feminists giving her power over me then I think, I will be in her mind forever in paradise...that's if she wants my face to be the last thing she see's it here...anyways good luck with your life.

    • Ya, you both have an opinion, but hers is far superiot to yours.

  • I said A because I'm old fashioned. My choice is actually not about our relationship; if I had children with a man, I would want to be able to stay home and take care of them myself instead of having to send them to a babysitter or a daycare. I would be happy in either situation, however. As long as the bills are getting paid and we're both happy, then I'm content.

    • Good Answer!

    • What if he preferd to stay at home and take care of the kids. Why not let you go out and earn a living to support him and the children? If I were a woman, I would feel like a lower life form if I was able to put down anything other than B.

    • Well if that's what he wants, fine. As I said, I would be happy in either situation. I do have career plans so it's not like I'm throwing them away just because a man entered my life.

  • 50/50 is best. I wouldn't want to be a housewife. Making the money isn't the man's role, it's the couple's role. I live in 2010, not 1950.

  • I would like to be able to be something more than a house wife =/ . I can easily support myself financially, without a man. 50/50

    *A man should be able to run down stairs when there's a burglar in the house(protect). When I'm very sick(take care of me). And most important love me for who I am, forever. These aren't requirements a man should follow to marry, but he should have in mind what we look for in a happy/healthy marriage.

  • I'm not into the whole housewife idea.

    I have to be working and making a living.

    I also don't like the flat out 50/50 thing.

    If he makes more money than me, then that's fine.

    The finances would be contributing to both of us anyway...

    B sounded the most appealing.

  • 50/50 relationship. it's got to be give and take in a relationship, I don't like free-loaders.

  • 100% for "B".

    Whoever I marry will be my partner in crime. Marriage should be an attachment to life, not a pair of crutches or a backpack. We'll obviously care for each and provide for each other, but I want to go that extra mile to show that he joined the right team. Division of responsibility gives something to do and be proud of, instead on sitting home and thinking he's talking to that hott co-worker.

  • B. I would feel bad if I wasn't a contributing member of the household. Plus, I would be totally bored being a housewife. At the same time, I don't want to be the sole breadwinner. Thus, my choice of B.

  • I would choose B. I'm not so sure about the never paying a cent more than me part, maybe sometimes I would pay more and maybe sometimes he would, it doesn't have to be 100% equal every second. I want help take care of the house and children, but I also want to have a career. So I want to find a way to balance the two.

  • Would you stop asking this retarded, stupid question! Everytime I look at the polls you started a new one, just to make people angry and start fights. OK WE GET IT YOU LIKE OPTION A, and guess what WE DON'T CARE. All your doing is trying to start arguments and force your ideas on the people. So just stop.

  • I chose A because that is my perfect secenario. That would mean that we would be financially stable. I would not have to go to work, although I would really want too, being a hiusewife would be very boring. I could work part time somewhere I would want to work, and have time to take care of the kids.

    Also the other two options do not include a man who loves you, although I'm hoping that's implied.

  • B. I have no problems with being taken care of or doing something for my man, but I don't want to be stuck at home being a house or wife or being the only one paying bills/contributing.

  • I want someone who will take care of me and be the breadwinner and I can be the mommy

    • Don't worry about the down arrows cause these days people are only attracted to bad people who knows nothing...i gave you a thumb up cause you deserve it...

    • Thanks :)

  • C. I'd much rather be focused on earning money (if I can get a good enough job) while he takes care of things at home. If he has a job as well, great, but if there are kids in the picture it can't be too time-consuming.

    I'd be happy with B as well.

  • Prince Charming would take care of me and do everything for me etc etc, but Prince Charming doesn't exist unless he's a doctor who has no time for you... and I love relationships for sharing a life that you want to live with that person and not being with him a lot of the time, isn't worth it.

  • Opinion A seems too good to be true and I don't like it so I pick B,I like half and half

  • I chose B. I don't need total equality in a relationship and I also don't think it should be looked at through the monitary lense. If I am making more than my future spouse I'd be happy to pay for more of our stuff, but if he makes more than me I would not object to paying less. If/when we have kids, I will not be a stay at home mom, I was a nanny for four kids over the summer. I am never doing that again. But these things can always change depending on the situation, so B because it is balanced, but balanced doesn't always mean 50/50

  • Somewhere between A and B for me.

    • Either a housewife or a working wife, cause you just can't get what suits you and the rest you eliminate it!

    • I'd rather be a working wife. I still want my prince charming to love me and take care of me. I just don't expect him to support me 100% financially. The way you worded B makes it sound more like a business partnership.

    • True, it's your opinion anyways, but girls must appreciate a lot a man who support them 100% financially and I would never accept this kind of partner ship from my girl which is a working, a real partnership is between a REAL hard working man and a housewife...but it's my point of good luck! I feel that it's very hard for a REAL MAN to live with a girl who thinks that she can be like a man in everything!

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What Guys Said 1

  • It's funny to see how those who picked "A" added absolutely nothing to "why", while those who picked "B" added a giant ideology that supports the idea in their case. This clearly shows that those who blindly picked "A" don't even know why they want that option (apart from irrational beliefs of a fairy tale world that is absolutely not what we live in, and clinging to outdated traditions that can hardly work in today's society), while those who picked "B" actually know what they are talking about.

    I picked B. It doesn't take a lot to see that that is the best option of the three. I won't add anything to it - the girls already have.

    • those girls puted explanation cause they aren't really satisfied in their life but their fooled and thinks that they are happy but actually their getting back and who said that 2010 is better then 1950 cause I think that the 1950's marriages were sacred and now their games with a fast game overs which are high divorce rates...besides womens who chose A option are more then half and squashed the girls who chose B cause they knew what they had chosen, they do not have to explain cause it's already

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    • what "Ballerinagirl" girl said is true, at least for me and "Mesonfielde" nothing is wrong with your reply except "THEY SHOULD WORK", when kids are in kinder garden, well it's not obligatory & it's a decision which both husband & wife should take, and if the husband is financially stable maybe his wife would like to be a housewife having he man to take care of her and do the man's role especially he's happy about it and some would choose to go back to work cause they can't stand the home even if

    • Last time that happened, my parents divorced. Oh wait.

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