Text or call a girl for a first date? Or can it be both? Pretty urgent... HELP!

Met her at the beginning of last year during lectures. I really like her still. I haven't talked to her in a year, but we did text once in a while. We live 40 minutes away from each other, so face to face isn't possible and we're on holidays.

Since we haven't talked for so long, would a text be more appropriate? What do you think? I really don't sound good on the phone and I get really nervous.

Should I just text her:

"[Name], I know its been more than a year since we've talked. I miss sitting and talking with you during lectures and everything else >_<. Could we plan a day when you're free?"

And then call and tell her what exactly what we're going to do, what time and where we're going to meet, what time we'll go home, etc?

What impression does the text give? Insecure/not confident/immature/needy/creepy/anything negative?

I'm 20 years old by the way, and I want to sound mature. Does this sound good enough? What can I do to fix it?

Also, can a date involve the girl showing the guy around the place she lives? Or would the girl think that it's not appropriate? She lives near the beach, and there's a shopping district near it. What can we do there? Or should we just watch a movie? We live 40 minutes away from each other.

Thank you


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  • Since you haven't talked to each other in over a year, a text would probably be best. It won't be as blunt or out of the blue seeming as a phonecall is.

    Just make sure you don't bombard her phone with texts and give her time to respond.

    Your text sounds good. You might want to try being a bit more flirty. Maybe saying something like-"[Name]. Remember me? :P It's been so long since we last talked. We should change that. When are you free?" It's direct and ambiguous enough that she can't really say no.

    Please don't over-analyze everything like you currently are. Just see how she replies and go from there. Ask her if she's up for ice-skating, it's a fun wintertime activity. Do NOT go to a movie, you won't be able to talk.

    • Thanks for BA. Good luck with the girl! :)

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  • Just take it step by step. Since you haven't talked to her in so long, I would even say e-mail or Facebook, but in the case that you don't have either of those...a text will do. In fact, text is probably the best option. Just send it to her --- what do you have to lose?

  • Just call her! You'll know by the sound of her voice if she's responsive. Texting leaves out the excitement. Calling her shows that you are confident!

    You can always say you found her # on your phone and you were curious as to how she was doing. Let her respond... if it's positive...

    Tell her you miss talking to her and take it from there.

  • i think the text sounds good but don't call her and tell her everything until she's texted you back, and I think that first dates always make people nervous so ya'll should do something that would b comfortable and relaxed.


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