You're in college: would you be more inclined to date a random person from college or someone from your town?

would you want to form a serious relationship with someone from college even if they lived far away from you and your hometown? or would you want to try and find someone say back from high school where they would live close to you and stuff and maybe you knew them a little? would you ever go back for someone in your high school that maybe you didn't want to date back in those days?


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  • The place they are from wouldn't bother me too much. When you are at College you see each other there... only on holidays you might need to fly to the other place.

    • But like what if you're thinking about one day tying the knot, would it still matter? or would you try and find someone closer to home so you could be around both of your parents more? it'd be good if you ever had kids for sure, but that's like past the point most people think I think lol

    • u are thinking already past the point what most pple think. I know lots of couple who don't have both parents around them. It's not SUCH a big deal. Relax and enjoy some flirts, if it gets more serious than so be it! Things like that you figure out when ever it is the time - not b4 you even start a relationship.

  • I would probably be more interested in the person on campus. just experience from my first years of college


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