Met a hot girl on POF...ran into a speed bump. Need advice?

I met a young girl on POF, 19. There is a age difference yes, but don't blast me for being older.

With that said, here's what the scenario. I messaged her first, and responded with her number right away asking me to text saying I seemed legit. We texted back and forth. She agreed to meet me on Saturday for dinner. She then texted me fri morning asking if we could meet earlier. I said I had plans to workout with my bro fri evening (it really was boys night out) and then she said she wanted to bring her friend down to my place to meet my bro.

I wanted to meet up at my place so we could make drinks and walk (I live next to the city...she's from the suburbs). I thought she would feel comfortable meeting at my place since she had a friend with her.

Well I texted her a few hours before she was heading down to see when I could expect her. She then responded that she wanted to meet at a coffee shop somewhere way out of the way. Big change in plans. She also had other female friends coming (girls night out...too much estrogen). I didn't like the situation at all because it was no longer a dating situation in someways I thought it was an ambush (4 girls scrutinizing me...sober?). I planned on partying a little...can't do that at coffee shop. I also wouldn't likely to get romantic at all with all those people in a non alcoholic public place.

I told her sorry and that I still wanted to meet up with her on a later date and I would text her later.

Here's the thing. It's an internet date so I know she wants to feel safe. But I also hate women who flake out or make huge changes to plans at the last sec. My game plan is to stop texting/calling her for while...and ask her out to dinner a few days later.

I'm trying to keep the creep factor at zero, but still stay interested.

When should I call/text her again?


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  • I understand her wanting to be safe. When you text her the next time tell her that you want to meet her, and wouldn't mind if she brings 1 (!) friend with her but not a whole bunch of girls because that seems scary to you (be honest!) and u'd like to meet up in that restaurant for a chat. And don't wait for a week or so...text her now..playing games is not fun!


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  • lol She sounds kinda dumb. I'd go with three days. Sounds like a good number.

  • Ask her to go to a movie or something, or do something fun for a date.