He doesn't answer to my texts, finds excuses to not meet me. What the hell is going on with him?

We started dating last Saturday and since then he was like always begging me to stay at this place, to move with him etc. He made a lot for my birthday to make it a great day but two days after it, he totally changed. He's acting really weird, I mean, he doesn't answer to my texts, finds excuses to not meet me... And I can't understand it, I mean he was acting like the cutest boy on earth and know he's playing asshole...wtf?

I really wondering if he passed to an other girl... Anyways, if someone could help me, would be awesome!


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  • i was in the same vote as you, I recently got done seeing a girl who I believed to be the love of my life. I asked her to move in ect. but imo in your case it could be 1 of 2 things. 1 he's planning something either good or bad. 2 he got tired of you not wanting to move in or something iono but all I got to say is be done with him. not even a week in and he's acting weird and ignoring you. I'd be done trust me. I'm a guy and that seriously just happen to me with a girl I loved for almost 7 years but only started really haning with last febuary. I'd be done. and if he's freaks out and starts saying depressing or rude sh*t block his number and if he goes further call the cops/ get a restraining order. trust me its gunna happen


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  • just tell him stuff like

    I feel ____ when you do this ____ and I wish you would do this more ____ it would make our relationship more healthy.

    If it is reasonable, then he should compromise with you.

    If he doesn't have a reasonable answer to not compromise then you have to help him to understand whatever it is he needs to understand. Hopefully he isn't being an asshole on purpose.