Why doesn't he date, and will he ever?

My friend I've known for two years has from time to time had a girl in his life, that he would hook up with regularly, but I know for a fact, said he wouldn't date them. Now, we have been hooking up the last few months and I've just been having fun. But, we started to hang out and talk for hours on end too and getting way more personal than I thought we'd ever get. I can accept if he doesn't date people and would be happy with continuing on with just what we have. I'm afraid to ask him anything about why he doesn't date though. I don;t want to scare him off by asking and he's 24 so it's kinda weird he won't date anyone. Why would he not commit? And also, do you ever think he will change and be interested in dating?


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  • did you ask him why he won't date?

    maybe he doesn't see a point in it yet.

    maybe this and maybe that, but you just really need to ask him for his point of view because I am not your friend.

    I can understand why you are wondering why he isn't dating, but lots of guys nowadays don't marry young anymore.

    I know a bunch who just "can't find the one" or just "broke up with someone and isnt' looking"

    stuff like that.

    but you said you talk to him a lot so just ask him

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