Why do no guys want to date me?

Everyone just wants me for a quick hook up, or as a friend. Why do they not want to 'be with me'?! What's wrong with me?


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  • i don't see why any guys wouldn't want to date you . personally I think your gorgeous, I think maybe when your talking to a guy that interests you you should hint that your looking for a relationship not just a one night stand , or just be straight and say that your looking for a relationship not some booty call or friendship .

    • I do, and they're all like I don't want that right now... blah, blah, blah

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  • If you are handing out sex like it's candy, then they're not going to think much of you. Instead of allowing these guys to hook up with you, YOU should take the initiative and get to know them more. If they don't stick around, then they were only after a quick hook up. If you don't like being the "hookup girl" then don't give it out. Somebody isn't worth getting to know if they pressure you to have sex or else they'll move along.

    • I don't have sex, I'm a virgin and plan to stay that until marriage...

    • From your comment above, that could be what the problem is. Hooking up with guys in hopes that it will lead to something more isn't a guarantee at all. You need to preserve yourself and make a guy show that he wants to be with you, rather than put yourself all over him. Guys who know that they might be able to get sex easy will stick around until they find out that you aren't going to give it to them, so they leave. It's fine to chase a guy, but don't throw yourself at him. Know what I mean?

  • Because men don't want to date whores, they want to have sex with whores and end it at that. If you're having "quick hook ups" with guys, word has probably got around where all the boys can go for their "fix". If you want this to change than stop the quick hook ups.

    • I only hook up with them because I think that maybe it will end up being something more... it doesn't. I don't have sex with them... I'm a virgin. We're all young so it's more like a make out/feel up kinda thing. I'm not a whore and they all know thata, they just don't want a relationship with me, and I'm tired of the rejection and tired of feeling like a freaking failure at any thing. The guys go for the whore and are in relationships with them... but not me... AHHHHHH, makes me so angry!

    • ok...I wouldn't use the word "hook up"...fool around is what I think what your aiming at. Who cares if the ho's are in a relationship. Do you want to be in be with someone where the entire relationship is based on sex? Maybe the type of guy you are going after is not the right fit for you? Your hot little chica...don't sell yourself short. Be patient, I am sure the right guy will come along and sweep you off your feet!

  • well what guys are you trying to hook up with? How old are they? If they're over 17...well, they probably dont' want to be seen with an unage girl.

    • 1. I'm seventeen.

      2. My age or 18

      3. They've talked to girls younger than me... ew

    • Alright. I didn't know you were a virgin. Now you got me confused. You want guys to "be with you" but dont' want them to be your friend. Well, if I knew you were saving sex for marriage, I wouldn't "date" you, I'd only hang out with you as a friend because when I was 17/18 years of age, I wanted sex, with marriage the last thing on my mind.. Maybe one day that friendship could turn into a relationship, then marriage.

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