Would it be OK to kiss someone you've known for years without the intention of getting together?

I've never kissed (I'm 18) and I have a friend that I've liked on and off.. But he doesn't know that. He's confessed he liked me but at the time I was very confused on whether I liked him in that way or not. That was a few months ago and he is still without a girlfriend.

We are going to the same new years party and plan on drinking. Luckily I know everyone going and we all will watch each others backs to make sure we don't do anything extremely stupid with other people(if you know what I mean).

But I seem to be really timid when it comes to people being in my face but I want to know how it feels to be kissed. I thought, since the drinks could go to my head a bit, that I could kiss this certain friend with little trouble and tell him that my new years resolution was " to kiss someone before I move away" I'm moving a week after this party across the country.

A kiss is just a small kiss right? Is this a good or a bad idea?


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  • I too have never been kissed, and yet, while the temptation is still there, wouldn't you rather wait and share that first kiss with someone who will make it what you hope to be? A first kiss is something that can only be done once and once it's done it's over with. You can't erase it. I like the idea of being able to tell people how my first kiss was with someone I really care about and not just with some guy I decided to take advantage of because I know he likes me, but my feelings aren't reciprocated.

    You say this guy is your friend, right? Why would you want to hurt this guy by kissing him, but basically telling him it meant nothing to you? Not only could you hurt him, but you could very well lose a friend.

    A kiss is what you make it out to be. For some, like me, it's the most special thing in the world. You need to decide what a kiss is to you and see if it is worth wasting away on a guy you won't have romantic feelings for. I know it's not like losing your virginity, but why not savor those romantic moments in life while you can?

    • well me and my friend like like each other but then again I'm moving. you've got good points here.

      unfortunatly I've moved a lot in my life and I guess its once I like someone we end up moving again, I was just thinking of seizing the moment while it was there because we have known each other for quite a long time and he's helped me with my lack of self-confidence and trust in guys. I used to hate all guys before him, I thought they would all betray me and there was no point in hanging out...

    • ...with guys who might end up wanting you for a booty call. until him and out group of friends. they all have helped me with insincerities that they don't even know about. although he helped with most of them my being my very slightly more then a friend. but your right I don't want to hurt him and think of a different resolution. It wouldn't be fair for me or him if I kissed him for the first time then moved.

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  • I'm going to lean towards the "bad idea" side because guys get very confused by that kind of stuff.

    Even if you tell him it means nothing, what's he supposed to think?

    I think that maybe if you talk to him and ask him beforehand when you're both sober, it's not so bad. But it's still risky unless you can get him to understand why you want to kiss him. He might agree, and indeed would probably be very flattered that you chose him as the first guy to ever kiss.

    I just don't think you should do it drunk to pretend it was an accident, or "just happened".

  • i think its ok


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  • your 18 years old. kiss the man.

  • yeah, its fine.

    as long as you two are on the same pagee.

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