How do I ask a girl on a date without being a creep?

Just wondering because it's hard and I don't want to seem desperate or creepy, especially since I am not great looking.


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  • its not all about looks, and to the people that base others only on looks will never be in a happy successful relationship and are shallpw and not the people you want tto be with anyways. and don't say things like your not good looking, girls don't want to hear that. if you say that it may seem you have low self esteem about yourself and don't like you, if you don't like you, why should she? if you like a girl, try to find out more about her, is she funny? if so think of jokes and humor and funny conversations. what's her favorite flower? maybe get flowers for her, ask if she wants to hang out sometime. some girls like to go slow and be friends first and if so, that's okay. sometimes those are the best relationships. ask if she wants to go bowling, go to a movie. dinner and movie are always nice.

    • sounds good, but in response to the whole if I don't love myself why should others response you gave me. Shouldn't girls love me for who I am. I mean I'm not good looking. I don't want to be acocky jerk. that isn't my personality. I'm just a regular guy who wants to love a girl as much as I can

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