Why do girls change their mind so much?

Met a girl who had great chemistry with and spent a great few months before she left for college. She wanted to keep seeing each other so I agreed. Then changed her mind and hooked up with another guy.

This guy had been hanging around whilst we were dating and had already told her he had feelings for her. She told me she didn't feel the same and could never see him like that. Now she is seeing him. They go to the same college whereas I live in another town.

Why do girls change their minds so much? Like one minute their telling you how much they like you and then bam! their off with another guy? I'm 26 and she is 21. Does that make that much of a difference in terms of maturity levels?

Would you settle for a guy you liked less because he lived in the same town?

I know their wasn't anything going on bewteen them whilst we were dating and you could see how awkward she felt around him after he told her his feelings.

She started seeing him after we split up. Can girls really stop liking someone that quickly?

The last time we met was the day that we split and the chemistry was still their but I'd had enough of the games and we mutually broke up.

I'm pretty angry about the whole situation. We were friends for about a year and she is trying to reach out as friends again. Right now I want nothing to do with her and I don't think that is unreasonable on my part do you?


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  • People change their minds, and its difficult to know what you want in these types of situations... probably what happened is she was into you and thought it would still work after she went away. Then, once she was at college she realized it wasn't working out like she thought it would and her feelings faded. As for the other guy, he is probably a rebound she got with cause she was hurting from the break up and wanted a distraction.


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