Would a guy take you out on another date if he was unsure what he wanted? Please give me your opinion guys

I had been seeing this guy for a while and I think he thought things were getting too serious because he started pretty much ignoring me and I bitched him out in a text for it. We ran into each other at a bar and started talking again and he took me out to dinner last night. I could tell he didn't really have time to be going to dinner and was obviously exhausted from finals but for some reason he made time for me. Was this because he decided he still likes me and knew he messed up and had to fix it or was he just kind of testing it out? Would he go to the trouble of taking me out on a date, especially when it was so inconvenient for him, if he was unsure about how he felt? He never apologized for how he acted or mentioned anything about the problems we've had lately, just acted normal. please help me figure this out


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  • Yeah he would that's useally what dating is about.