Why is dating so complicated????

Why is everything about dating so complicated am I the only person in the entire world that thinks if you like someone and they like you back that all this 12 step crap is for the birds I mean its never simple your never ever just dating Step 1: your friends then Step 2: "just talking" then maybe if your lucky you get to Step 3: and you start dating I think its dumb and honestly I think its why a lot of relationships don't work because I know if most guys are like me I stay so freaking confused about my relationships that I don't know which way is up and all this "just talking" stuff is stupid its just an excuse to half way date someone but still play the field because technically your single its stupid and childish


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  • Thank you. Oh god yes! I'm so sick if going through the stages! If I think he's hot, can I please escape all of those awkward moments and just test the waters and go out please! Haha

    • Yea I'm with you on that I don't understand it if you like someone go for it I thought dating was the time that you took to get to know someone what's next are we guna start pretalking to see if we want to talk to someone to see if we want to date them

    • Exactly. It's TIRING! No wonder casual sex is becoming so damn appealing! I cannot be bothered to go through the friend stage and then tiptoe to dating and then blah blah blah. How about we skip the crap and go out! I think they're hot? I don't want to be their friend - I want to go out! Ugh!

    • Yea I know the feeling I honestly feel dumb sometimes when I date because I think we are together and we aren't and then I look clingy when its really just because I don't know up from down anymore

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