Could I be a rebound guy?

Okay, so here's the scenario and I did my best to shorten it:

Go to a party, drink, not too much but enough to get me loose, get called by a few friends and girls from the party to go to a club. One girl goes with a friend of mine, her friend goes with me. Just like a gust of wind we go to the dance floor for a bit, then get out and talk at the sidelines. We're not there too long and she and her friend take me and my buddy back to their house.

My bud and his girl go downstairs where her room is and I can only guess what occurred.

Meanwhile the girl I'm with, I've already told her I don't just go out and kiss girls ( she wanted to kiss me at the club ). I talk with her near the kitchen for maybe 30 or so minutes, then go to her room. We talk more but she really drives at kissing me and eventually I kiss her when she says it's now the 2nd day we're with each other not the first. We make out, in and out talking and we both go to sleep at around 5a.m.

I wake up before her but don't leave the bed, eventually wake her up, tell her I'm gonna make some breakfast, and she goes to take a shower.

We take a cab to my place and spend the day there watching tv, eating and making out on the coach and bed. She says tells me she has work in the morning and has to leave so she can't sleep over. We discuss a little bit about relationships and what I got was she had a boyfriend that she broke up in the summer because of college and when she got back together, she found out he had been seeing another girl and was not interested. This ended roughly 2 months ago.

She put in her number on my phone and motioned to give me a kiss outside the door when the cab came by to pick her up.

It would seem like this may have legs, we have a lot of interests together and she kept putting up " fate " and " isn't it funny how sometimes people just click? ".

BUT, I am a realist, I have not had a relationship in over a year but I have dated a fair share of women since that time and in my life to pickup on certain signs.

To me, things like this don't happen this quick, and this isn't a one-night stand because it went over to the next day.

She also told me it was the first time she has spent 2 consecutive days with no breaks with a guy.

This is a lot of info to sink in so by all means feel free to ask me some minor details if you think are important to know.


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  • You're not a rebound guy. She's definitely interested in you.