Two dates and no texts?

Yes I know this question and thousands of variations have been asked and answered before, but this is my question.

I met a girl and we spoke and sent texts to each other for a few months. We went out on two dates and everything went pretty well. We both had a good time and had lots to talk about. Both of us agreed on another (third) date that would be more laid back like a movie or a drink at a cafe.

So a week later I text her about the third date. Shae said she was busy and would not be able to go. Which is understandable since she is in college and has a life. No big deal. So we text back and forth for a few days and then her texts become less frequent and usually one word or short sentences saying she's still busy but would still like to get together. I get the hint that she's really busy so I back off.

A few weeks roll by and no texts. So I text her back saying I found this nice place for us to sit down for a drink at a local bookstore. I thought it was a good place since we both enjoy reading books and writing our own (or at least try to). Still busy she says with work and school, but that we could get together sometime in January. This was right before Thanksgiving and since then no texts at all. Like I said I know people get busy and being in college myself it is hard to hold a stable relationship at times.

So...does she really want to meet up in January? Or is this some twisted form of "being polite and friendly but not interested"? Also should I wait, or be expected to wait, so long for another date when no communication is initiated from her?


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  • It does seem a little odd that she's specifying a time for dating so much later... And sure, maybe she's really busy, but regardless, being in college myself, I feel that a person can always make time to respond and converse if she meant to, especially if it was just by texting.

    I don't think you "should be expected to wait", meaning that you don't have to put off others and other chances just to wait for January. I think you should put this "planned date" with her on a shelf, go on with your life, and revisit it once in January. If she tries to reschedule again, then I would just move on.


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