Why does he text but does not try and hang out?

So I met this guy on tagged and we've been texting each other since two months everyday three times per day!. He's a college sophomore and I'm about 5 years older than him. He had asked me if I was searching for a relationship and I told him well I don't go out searching for a relationship I just let it happen naturally. He told me that he likes that I just go with the flow. Anyway, he text me good morning every day..afternoon he tries and start conversation...evening tries and start conversation and he wishes me a goodnight. Some days he would call me in the evening and we would just joke around and talk. We met one time at the movies and since then he tried to see me again but had to cancel. Ever since we have not hanged out. He continues to text me everyday three times per day. Most of the time he would send me romantic messages? I asked him one time if he like me more than just a friend and he told me "well I don't know.. I like you..I think you have a beautiful personality and you're very beautiful..I don't know if it has come to that far yet". Why does he text me so much every day and states he likes me but does not initiate to attempt to hang out?


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  • Text messaging by its very nature is "distancing", its non committing, its SAFE ..and unfortunately it isn't conducive to a "strong emotional connection" ... The reality is that the connection between you two isn't strong enough for that yet and he's probably just not "feeling it"... try and actually get him to talk to you on the phone instead of just text .. or you should call him... either way get on a talking basis and ramp it up ... then move into the hang out phase. You gotta walk before you can fly :)


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