What do you think about guys putting kisses in their messages?

Like 'OK take care babes see you soon x'

I don't really see it as a guy thing, its OK for girls but a bit cheesy when guys do them. The only reason I'm thinking about writing kisses is because my ex sent me a message on facebook, asking how are you, hows studies/family etc. and I wanna reply but I want to let her know that I still really care about her...


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  • i think it would be really sweet. I love when guys get cheesy I think its cute and it makes me giggle ha :p but just write something to hint at you still really care like ask her questions or bring up stuff from the past. that would be a hint. At least I think so ha :p


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  • cute


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  • i normally leave kisses on the end of my text's and fb messages, even to guys (no homo), everyone infact. So do all of my friends, boys and girls.

    A "x" or 2 is nice. Loads are a bit O.T.T

    either way I don't think that even if you put a "x" at the end of the message will give any signs you will care about her bro, besides its only a kiss, there pretty much full stops at the end of a sentence in text language.

    Hope it works out for you bro xx << (see) =]

    • lol Thanks for this...but you gotta take into account you're obviously used to writing them. I don't think I ever have, even to a girlfriend...let alone to a guy...

    • ooh well I don't think she'll notice as much as you think. Guess that's bad cause you want her to know how you feel =[

    • ah damn I just sent the message and then I saw this! I would have done it...oh well.

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