How do I know this online girl likes me?

I met this girl online threw POF. she is by far the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I have been playing cool, Leading the relationship. she laughs at my jokes and we messaged for 2 hours on Saturday using POF and 3 hours on Sunday Using BBM. now I don't know what to do... I don't know if it is too soon to ask her out... I don't know if it's to soon to ask for her phone number.

We talked about her the whole time. I was always asking questions, and she asked some back, but I tryed to keep the conversation focused on her. I started talking about my self near the end of the conversation, just a little, then she said she had to get ready for bed. I don't know if I am screwing things up or am headed in the right direction... this is all to confusing.

I am only using the online dating because I don't have the time to get out there, like I used too. this is my first online GF.

I am confident around woman, and always listen with great intent to learn about woman. I am always online to find the next step, but I can't seem to find a answer to my question.

I guess my question is, "Does she like me?" and "I want to see her, so I know if I have feelings for her, is it to soon?"

Once I am on a date with her, I know what I got to do. so I am kinda in a transitional period that I don't know how to coup with.

She is stunning and I want her in my life, I don't want to scare her away. or make her think that I am not interested. I don't know how to flirt when I never meet her. I said a few things like "You are adorable and Hey Gorgeous." Also told her I thought her picture was Cutie.

Everyone says "Even my ex!" that I am a great catch, how do I convince her that I am?

Please help!

P.S Experience would be a must here.


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  • I am currently on POF, and the best advice one of my friends gave me that also uses online dating, is to not wait too long to ask someone to get together, even just for coffee or something totally casual, because then you can actually see them in person and see if sparks fly, or it just kinda fizzles. Show her your a great catch. Otherwise you end up talking to someone online for ages, and it just starts to get old. And really now, that's the whole point of it, isn't it? You want to meet someone, so go out and meet them! Move forward with it. I'm sure if the convo has been going good so far, she'll be stoked you asked.


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  • You need to meet to see if anything is real. Have you spoken on cam? I've heard so many stories that people don't look like their photo's.

    Id suggest making phone contact after talking so long or she may wonder why you're not offering your number (married or something). Offer yours and see if she reciprocates. You could chat for ages and find you don't get on face to face. Don't come on too strong though, try to keep a balance as a girl can get scared off and think you're going OTT.

    I'm also on POF and met a guy who is getting rather possessive and demanding I take my profile down before we meet and that is scarey - He's acting like we're in a relationship already. Another chap I chatted to wouldn't give me his number and used to go online at odd times and suddenly disappear so he must have been married. So keep a balance, keep it light, keep it fun and keep it real initially. Good Luck.

  • Online dating can be a pretty unsafe thing sometimes, considering the fact that you really have no clue who you're even talking to. You seriously need to be careful about meeting this person face-to-face. Some websites actually do background checks to make sure that the people are okay.


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  • What was she on POF for? Friends, dating, long-term, etc.

    And technically, if you don't know if she likes you. You shouldn't label her as your "online girlfriend."

    • i meant this is the first girl I perused online... and she was looking for a relationship as I was looking for casual dating. I have had many upon many of girlfriends.

      So you got online dating exsperience! cause I am only looking for advice from a online dater, someone who has done this before. I am used to the real world.

      so do you think you can help me? or are you just going to judge some more... I get enough of that from my Ex's.

    • Online isn't my only outlet. I just have experience in.

      You trying to convince someone you're a "great catch" will only take her interest away from you.

      What level would you base you conversation level at? Is it casual, a bit more, or what?

      Also, if she's talking to you, then obviously there's some form of like from her. Ask her if she wouldn't mind meeting you, and seeing how it goes from a face to face setting.

    • The conversation level was pretty high, I learn t a lot about her, she learn t some things about me. I tried to be mysterious and playful... not knowing how to flirt with out her there to read her body language, I slowed my voice down and said, sounds beautiful, and other such things.

      maybe she thought I was a player or something... any way not a big deal, she moved onto her second choice. a girls heart wants what it wants. I'll keep trying, maybe I can get another hottie.

  • Online dating is so bad.One of my friends was killed by an ''online girlfriend'' Who was actually a predator keep that in mind.I know you ''love'' her but guess what she's probably not who you think.

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