He re-posted his online singles ad, am I the weakest link?!

Met a guy online, and then we went out on some awesome dates- lots of talking coffee, laughing, cooking...now I've discovered he's been re-posting his ad up again online.

I don't know what to make of it, but I don't feel so special anymore...is this normal? I kinda hoped he'd want to hang out with me a bit more..the fact that I've seen it up again sort of bruised me a bit. Yeah I feel rejected, so would anyone.

Guys tell me what you think? I thought he liked me?!

Thanks. I like I'm being quite easy going, don't see myself breaking his balls over it. It's not really about being exclusive I understand we're both in the dating game..I just felt it was a little ungraceful to post it up as I could see it too...ouch


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  • If you want to be exclusive with him, then tell him. If he's interested, he'll take the ad down. If it runs him off, then next please!

  • He may still like you, maybe he thinks you don't llike him. so he is considering some more options. show him you like him. I don't mean like a brother likes a sister. But a girl likes a guy. Show him you are interested by kissing him instead of waiting for that kiss. some guys don't know how to play the dating game. they think that they make the first few moves then sit and wait. sometimes that works. but with you I don't see it. so either you got to make the move, or he will move on.

    Just something I learn from experience. it's sad, but if you don't think you should be the one to Lead the relationship, then find someone that will lead it. cause 2 people can't make the decisions at first. takes time...


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