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K so their is a girl I like we are both seniors in high school but she only seems to like me (flirting, body contact) when she is with her best friend. but when she is alone it seems that I don't exist or she could care less about be me. every time we hang out outside of school her best friend who I've been friends with for a long time always comes with us and its hard to get alone even though her best friend know I like her and has been the most supportive about it. I don't know help


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  • It seems to me that maybe her best friend likes you, but the girl you like doesnt. Maybe the girl you like is just intrested in you when her best friend is around to get her jealous and say "ha the guy you like likes me and not you." I have a friend like that and I hate it. But if you really like this girl maybe you should ask her to go on a date. Also find out if her best friend likes you. Who knows you and her best friend might end up together

    • well right now she is in a relationship with a well immature guy. I think it would be a little weird because we've been friends for so long. I feel like my friend told the girl I liek that I like her and she is nervice because her relationships haven't worked out well.( she asked out my guy best friend who rejected her and I feel she doesn't want to do the same thing to me)

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    • k thanks will see what happens ill look into that.

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  • Call her, text her, send her a message on fb. If it's clear you like her, and on her side it isn't clear. Then just come out with it and ask. What do you have to lose?

    • thanks man we are actually on the phone right now watching inception online together. my goal is to tell her before Christmas though I feel she knows now