Kiss on the forehead [guys input]?

Prob gets asked a lot but I'm getting to know this guy and we haven't technically agreed to "talk" like not see other people... we are at this weird stage of trying to get to know each other first as friends

but whenever I do hang out before I leave he either

Kisses me good bye on my lips then kiss my forehead or he kisses my forehead then kisses me good bye on my lips?

super confused at what that is about if we are still "friends"


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  • I kiss my S.O. on the forehead sometimes. It isn't some secret code or something.


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  • A guy i'm kind of flirting (who was also kissing me from the lips) kissed me on the forehead when we were saying goodbye. Appearently, that was the last goodbye. If you are saying that is caring, the only meaning in this situation can be "Take care when I'm not around anymore.". Also he told me later that he was seeing someone else at the same time he was with me and he decided to be with her. So, I don't think we can make generalizations..