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Does bra size really matter?

so i’m 16 and this is my body measurements:
5’5 height
120 pounds
34b bra size

i’m really insecure about my bra size bc i think it’s too small. i feel like a guy won’t like me because of it and i look less attractive than someone with a c or d cup. my sister is a d cup she’s 5’8 though and 230 pounds or so. that could i guess explain why her bra size is much bigger. my moms side has a d cup for almost everyone because our family is overweight lol and my dads side i don’t know much about at all because i don’t see anyone on that side but all i know is my dads mom was aneroxic and was underweight. for my fitness goal i just want to become toned on my arms and stomach and not lose anymore weight so i’ll be doing strength training which i hope doesn’t mess with my bra size. i remember being at least a c cup i think when i weighed 180 my heaviest. so ofcourse you lose weight you look breast size. all in all i want a guy to like me for my personality. i am pretty (not to sound conceited AT ALL) so does breast size really even matter if you like a girl for their looks and personality? and no i don’t care about a guys d size if anyone asks that. i could care less how big or small. i just need some feedback please thank you to anyone who comments means a lot.
Does bra size really matter?
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