Any bodybuilders out there? Please advice on your dating skills

okay so there's this guy at work. I think he's totally gorgeous. I ran into him here at the gym at work and I have noticed that every time he sees me he makes an effort to stop and make small talk. even at the gym. I got to talk to him and he said he's sponsored by GNC blah blah blah and he has an upcoming competition. Now my question to you is...I go to the gym not religiously and I eat healthy when I want to...Im in good shape not can I date him without him judging my physical and eating habits? will he? does he care?


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  • I'm hardly a bodybuilder but I think any man (or woman for that matter) could answer this. If he's a control freak then yes, he will enforce his habits on you, otherwise he may only go so far as to suggest you do things such as exercise and eat together. Although, many bodybuilders make their own meals and prefer to work out either with other people on their level or alone. So I'd say the chances of him criticising you (excluding in a joking manner) are slim.

    • I figuered that much. He was telling me how he makes himself his own meals and rarely dines out. He says he has his day job and his night job which is the gym since he's sponsored he has to stay in shape. I don't know how much he could actually be though. Thanks for the advice

  • He obviously likes you. I'm not a bodybuilder but I think I'm one lol, I got a strict diet and go to the gym every day 2 times a day and I wouldn't care. If I like you I like you. Just because you don't eat or work out like me won't make me think any less of you. As long as you support me with my lifestyle we kool. That's how I feel about it.

    • hahaha I like to think I'm in awesome shape as well but being honest I'm just an average girl. I just feel like he would judge or a least a bit.

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