Need some low-costing winter date ideas?

Seriously, watching movies, playing card games, and other things is getting boring. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my fiance. It's just we are wanting to new things. It's hard because we are on such a low income this winter. We can't go skating because he has size 16 feet and it's expensive to get them. There is only about 20 bucks for entertainment for us two. He doesn't like reading, poetry, volunteering, walking dogs, animals or babysitting. He enjoys outdoor stuff, Starcraft two ( online video games), cooking, and science. Any ideas for low costing winter date ideas? outdoor or indoor?

P.S: please don't post the same idea as somebody else. I don't like reading things twice lol thanks guys :)


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  • Get yourself some sugar cookie dough and bake cookies for the holidays (if that's your thing).

    $20 should get you a good sled (or two), so why not try to find a good hill and go sledding? (assuming there's snow where you're at).