Why does this even happen?

So I have been dating this girl for little over a year. She met this girl Megan months ago over myyearbook but they have never met. Months ago I found out they were having a thing together but once I confronted my girl about it and she told me things were over. Just now I got an email about them two and they are still messing around even after she promised me face to face nothign was going on. What do I do?

I love her though that's just the things...she is the love of my life and my best friend


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  • i agree with spacemen3, you probably know already what needs to happen. Relationships are based on trust, respect, and communication, and it seems like this girl doesn't seem to be giving you the respect you deserve by telling you the truth about what's going on with her and this girl. I mean, sh*t, you totally caught her in a lie from what you wrote here. I know for me, I couldn't be with someone I couldn't trust. If she lied about this, it begs the question, what else has she lied about, and what will she lie about in the future? You could try talking to her about this, but it seems to me that her way of dealing with it is by feeding you what you want to hear instead of telling you the truth about what she wants, which is a relationship with this girl. my two cents

    • Thanks that's actually really helpful

    • No prob man, I'm not saying just dump her, but try to work it out if you really care about her. But, you do need to stand up for yourself and tell her that this behavior is totally unacceptable. She will respect you much more than if you get on the defensive and act like you did something wrong that made her do this(she's in the wrong, not you). Everyone deserves a second chance, try to work it out first, and if she still can't respect you and tell you the truth, then its time to move on.

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  • Confront her about it face to face. First ask something like, "Hey, you and so-and-so are over with, right?" If she says yes, then bring up the evidence saying otherwise and see what her reaction is. If she is caught in the lie, you should break up with her to avoid more pain even if you do love her. If she admits to being involved with this girl, flat up ask her what she wants out of your relationship. If she's not willing to fix things between you, you'll have to end it in order to save your heart. If she's willing to fix things between you, you may have to start seeing a counselor to help heal the hurt that has already been inflicted.

  • i think you know what you have to do.


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