How much is the height difference between you and your S. O?

I'm 1,62m/5'4 and am currently going on some dates with a guy which is 1,82m/6"0.

Is this a good height difference or would you say that's too much?

How big is the height difference between you and your s. o?

(Btw I'm sorry for my poor English knowledge by the way, it's not my first language so it can be tricky from time to time)


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  • The last girl I dated back in ancient history, she was around 5f 7in. The girl I dated before her, she was around 5f 5in, I would say. Not a rule, but height wise I'm into taller girls tho like 5f 7 or 8in or taller. But again it's not a rule, it's just a preference cause I am tall guy.

  • I'm 6'4" and the girl I'm seeing is like 5'6" or 5'7". There isn't a problem with that much height difference, though she did mention she can't really kiss me standing without some help on my part.


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  • It just doesn't make any sense to me why people care about height difference with a partner.

    I am pretty short so a lot of partners have been taller than me, but I date men and women my size and shorter and never let that be a reason I would turn someone down.

    I think one occasional partner is fairly tall but right now, everyone I date is probably below-average height. I just don't think about it much so I can't even say what the real height differences are.

    Why does it matter? Who cares?

    • Extreme height differences do matter.
      Imaging a woman whose 4,10 and a man whose 6,4. The guy would be at serious danger of hurting her even if he has no intention to hurt.
      As well as looking like he is a child abuser in public.

  • About 20 cm. I'm 155 cm/5'1" and he is about 175 cm/5'9". It's a bit too much in some situation, an ideal height difference would be about 10 cm, but we make it work.


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