Why does he like me out of all the other girls?

There’s this really cute handsome boy that every girl talks about and I barely started to talk to him and he’s really nice and we planned to go out on a picnic now I was very nervous because I use a wheel chair to get around and he knew that and he picked me up and put me in his car and put the wheel chair in the back of the car but when we were there he seemed different or maybe I never noticed but when we were at the park for the picnic he walked very slow like really slow and he was pushing me and I knew I could go faster myself than how he walked and I asked him why was he walking so slow and he tells me that he’s enjoying the nature of the park and that I should too and at first I thought this guy is high but i started to look around and it felt peaceful also I noticed he was really slow not mentally but physical unless he had to be fast like when he went to get ice cream he almost walked into a pole not run walk into a pole and he had his hands behind his back and I thought he would hit his face who does that and he had so much space to walk around it but he dodged it last minute and I was really surprised that a baseball player was that slow and I’m wondering how does he even get to class because our campus is pretty big but then he also surprised me because I accidentally dropped my phone and he caught it before it hit the ground which I was amazed because he moved really fast he seemed like such a sloth and then after catching it and giving it back he went back to his sloth way hands behind his back and walked really slow which I enjoyed or some reason, he also took me to this spot and you couldn’t hear or see the cars around the park and he told me that it’s his favorite spot to be alone and he wanted to share it with me and that’s when he told me he actually had a crush on me and I was really surprised but I don’t understand why me out of all the other girls he can pick he chooses me
Why does he like me out of all the other girls?
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