Is he really not ready or is he enjoying his freedom?

I have been seeing a guy, Joe, for about 7 months now. Its a very complicated situation, as nobody knows we have been seeing each other, he dated a girl who is within my friend circle. so we have been secret lovers for 7 months. it gets worse. my ex-boyfriend of 4 years, Ron, is in prison, and I still keep in contact with him. Joe acts and says that he cares about me and honestly I believe him, he says he s not ready for a relationship becuase he's so bitter from the last one, and he would be quick to be judgmental and quick to leave. He also is obviously not exactly comfortable with me speaking to Ron. I don't want to throw away the friendship I have with Ron becuase of this new guy, especially since he won't commit. I also had found him texting different girls, nothing more than flirting. And these girls don't know that he is seeing anyone. I'm just not sure if he really wants to be with me like he says or he's just honestly using me for a rebound and keeping his options open. He is an incredible guy and I can tell he is a keeper, but I'm not sure if we are meant to be or this is just a fling. Help!


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  • Honestly to me this sounds like a mix of both a fling/ rebound, and keeping his options open. but I would say maybe try talking to him and tell him exactly what you just told us on here. this one seems complicated. although if ron is in prison it doesn't sound like someone you should keep talking to anyways. just my opinion though. I don't know if this helps but good luck!


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